How to migrate your wordPress site to a new host ?

Deciding to change your web hosting provider is a wise solution if you are dealing with downtime, slow speed performance or if you are simply tired of hassling with subpar support with no answers.

Most of the people delay the migration of their website to a new reliable host due to the fear of making a mistake and damaging their website.

I will spare you from other introductory words, and I’ll jump directly on the HOW TO part.

Preliminary steps

  • Find a reliable web hosting provider : Experiencing a bad hosting service will make you very prudent – maybe too precautious – and you’ll find this mission almost impossible. My honest advice is to give a closer look on the ChemiCloud web hosting services.
  • Join to the new host. Once you’ve selected who is going to be your future hosting provider, create a new hosting account.

At ChemiCloud, for instance, your website will be transferred in less than an hour. Their experts will migrate your website free of charge and with no downtime to your new ChemiCloud hosting account.

But, if you have to do the site migration manually, the following steps are exactly what you need.

1 – Create a backup of your site

Before you start the migration process, be sure you’ve made a copy of your website. There are various ways to do so :

  • Using plugins for site backups (you can even find free plugins that are doing great work) ;
  • Downloading backup files by obtaining compressed backups and exporting your database through your hosting control panel

Any of the options above is safe and works perfectly. After created backups and downloaded the compressed files, you have to keep you website duplicate in safe and easy to access place. You’ll need this duplicate sooner than you may think.

2 – Check if you’ve created all the setups on the new host

To migrate your WordPress site to a new host takes time but also involves a high focus on each detail. Before going any further, check if you’ve created all the setups on the new host:

  • You’ve added your domain name to the new host. If your new web host is using cPanel then your domain will be automatically added to your hosting after the sign-up. In case you are hosting multiple websites, you can add additional domains by logging into cPanel, and check the domain section (Addon Domains);
  • You’ve created a new (blank) database to which you’ll import (later) your database (cPanel – Databases section – MySQL Database Wizard)
  • You’ve imported your database ( cPanel – Databased – phpMyAdmin )
  • You’ve configured your new database connection details in your wp-config.php

3 – Upload your site backup to the new host

Once you’ve prepared your domain name and your new database, it’s time to upload all your WordPress site files on the new host (cPanel – Files – File Manager) into your site’s root directory (also known as public_html). Additionally, you can upload your files using an FTP client.

4 – Test or preview your website before switching DNS

You are only a few clicks away from migrating your WordPress website successfully. Even that you’ve already uploaded the backup files of your site, at this moment those data are not visible (not even for you).

A great way to preview your website from your new web host server is to use your local computer’s HOSTS file.

Basically, you will tell your computer from where it should look for your site. This way, you’ll make sure that your site is working properly from the new server.

5 – Finalize the migration

The final step is to change the nameserver settings to redirect your domain name – edit the existing nameservers with your domain name registrar.
Wait for no less than 24 h (DNS propagation) without making any changes on your website.

Or choose the easy way…

As you may see, to migrate a WordPress site to a new host can be quite challenging. The easiest and safest way to do it is by choosing a hosting provider who’s able to take over this task (free of charge and with no downtime). With ChemiCloud all you’ll have to do it sit back and let their experts do it! They’ll move your existing site in less than one hour without any interruption. It is included FREE with purchase of any WordPress hosting plan.

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